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Southern Lithoplate's Certified Strategic Alliance: The Industry's Best-in-Class Solutions

Customers Get Selection, Performance and Value:
  • Choose from the most effective and efficient, state-of-the-art solutions from the industry's best-in-class manufacturers.
  • Enjoy the performance characteristics you want at the cost benefits you need.
  • Benefit from a truly integrated and coordinated solution, from system planning, through installation, to operating support.
  • Lower your total project cost through the efficiency of one trusted provider implementing a single integrated plan.
  • Receive streamlined, integrated, affordable technical support—expertise that is available 24/7/365—for everything from prepress to pressroom.

SLP Strategic Alliance Releases White Paper to Help Newspapers Generate New Revenues by Being an Indispensible Part of People’s Lives

The lively and informative white paper, written in collaboration between Strategic Alliance partners Creative Circle Media Solutions, MWStange, LLC, Virtanza™ Sales Education and Job Placement, and Southern Lithoplate (SLP), is a distillation of the authors’ many years of experience advising newspapers on breaking through barriers to growth.

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Southern Lithoplate Strategic Alliance Partners
Strategic Alliance Partners

Strategic Alliance -- An Open Door for Future Partners

If you have a proven revenue generation and/or cost reduction solution that delivers true high-value benefits, we will certainly consider your request to join the Southern Lithoplate Certified Strategic Alliance. A few of the qualification criteria are to: 

  • Reduce our customers' operating costs through technology, proven concepts and practical expertise.
  • Integrate your service and support organization into the Southern Lithoplate 24/7 platform, further reducing our customer costs and increasing our customers ability to obtain high value, results quickly.
  • Streamline your product solutions and costs to our customers, making your solutions more competitive.
  • Reinvent your products when necessary to ensure a truly integrated customer operating environment.

Since 2005, the Southern Lithoplate Alliance has grown into the leading graphic arts platform for choice, quality and affordability. We are proud to provide this partnership alliance to ensure independent companies like our own offer more value than any other single competitor bar none! Our mutual customers win big, best-in-class products, personalized service and true total cost of ownership value that can't be beat.

For more information about joining the Southern Lithoplate Strategic Alliance:
Call 800-638-7990

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Rule 15 "Most importantly, the support from Southern Lithoplate has been exemplary. Their willingness to quickly resolve unanticipated installation issues is worth more than what something costs or how fast it can be delivered."

- Brice Tarling, President