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Liberty NXP no process thermal printing plates actually develop on press, freeing your operation from the need for a separate processor or processing chemicals. Liberty affords you the freedom to print faster with superb print quality and remarkable savings in time, energy and environmental Impact. Outstanding resolution. Long run-lengths. Out-of-the-box simplicity.

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Viper® 830TPX commercial plates excel at color commercial printing thanks to Southern Lithoplate‚Äôs proprietary multistage grain structure, which contributes to low ink usage and outstanding ink/water balance. Plus, with their fast, clean imaging, Viper830TPX plates deliver high quality, environmentally conscious performance at high impression counts. 

COBRA® 830 commercial lithoplates deliver high printability, color fidelity, crisp image reproduction and fine detail even on the most unforgiving substrates or fibrous stock. From open web to sheet fed, on short runs or long, using standard inks or UV, COBRA 830 gives you maximum control, superior durability and resistance to pressroom chemicals and abrasion. 


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Resolution that Can't be Beat "We are impressed with the resolution of the plate. We are able to hold open extremely small reverse dots. We like the fact that the plates can be shipped to our location without slip sheets."

- Alan Six, Pre-Press Manager