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The technology is here

For years Southern subtractive products have provided thousands of customers with the best value in newspaper printing. Because we value our customers as partners, we have taken their suggestions and included them in this enhanced next generation product - The MAC® plate.

MAC Startup Guide

MAC plates maintain crisp resolution across a wide range of exposure. They'll hold the smaller, finer dot that makes halftones/screens and spot process color come alive. Properly exposed, there is no dot gain. And you'll get crisp, sharp, brilliant reproduction at any line you see. Since all residual sensitivity is removed during processing, MAC plates clean up fast and run clean. Even at restarts, MAC plates clean right up and run hard.

Technical Backup at Your Fingertips

When you're running MAC® plates and something goes wrong on press, call Southern or email us at Our technical support team will work with you to eliminate problems and get you printing again!


  • Presensitized, Electrochemically grained
  • Negative-Working
  • Subtractive
  • Develop to a solid Step 4 Tail 5 on the Stouffer 21 Step Gray Scale
  • Use MAC Activator to process by hand or machine
  • Finishing is recommended
  • Shelf Life = 6 months
Quality Value Performance

Resolution that Can't be Beat "We are impressed with the resolution of the plate. We are able to hold open extremely small reverse dots. We like the fact that the plates can be shipped to our location without slip sheets."

- Alan Six, Pre-Press Manager