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Computer to Plate—Commercial

Southern Lithoplate printing plates deliver the consistent, high-quality results on platesetters from Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Alphaquest—in fact, on all the quality platesetters in the market.

For our Strategic Alliance, we have selected platesetters from two certified partners—CRON North America and Dainippon Screen—whose reliability, dependability and quality distinguish them as world leaders in CtP Technology.

CRON North America

CRON North America thermal CtP recorders are the perfect tools for commercial printers who demand superior imaging precision, adaptability and productivity.

       CRON TP-46


Screen is the world leader in computer to plate devices that enable printers and graphic arts companies to achieve higher quality output efficiently and cost-effectively.

Screen CtP systems are used throughout the world by web and sheet-fed offset printers in the production of books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, newspapers and other printed materials.

    Large Format 
       PlateRite Ultima 40000
    8 Up
       PlateRite 8900HD
       PlateRite 8600n
       Platerite 8300n
       PlateRite Niagara
   6 Up
       PlateRite 6600
   4 Up
       PlateRite 4300


Quality Value Performance

"A strong partnership with a company known for all-around excellence is critically important in delivering the most effective and efficient prepress solutions. Southern Lithoplate's reputation, attitude and tradition of providing the best products and service with the most customer value make SLP the ideal partner for CRON-ECRM. The CRON-ECRM product line, supported by SLP's strong and innovative nationwide sales and services teams, will give existing and new customers the quality, reliability and flexibility that is in keeping with the philosophy of both companies."

- Rick Black, President/CEO of CRON-ECRM