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Optimized Systems for Your Print Production

Consistent on runs of any length. Low spoilage rates. Speed and environmentally friendly, lower power consumption: reliability—all of which you receive from Southern Lithoplate’s cost-effective prepress solutions. 

We Help You Select the Best System and Optimal Footprint

Our in-field technical support program will help you with the entire process of conversion to CtP or transition from another supplier including:

  • CtP platesetter and processing solution evaluation to ensure the best fit for your needs
  • Pre-site preparation, including all utilities and footprint in Cad design for the optimal layout
  • On-site installation support from our Certified Installation Engineers to have you up and running in less than 2.5 business days per line
  • On-site certification of your staff so they are fully trained and equipped to maintain your Southern Lithopalte CtP solution
  • Available on-site preventative maintenance support to ensure you maintain an optimized processing system

A Support Team with Ink Under Their Finger Nails

The team we have assembled has stood where you’re standing. They know printing and print process from decades of personal experience that ranges from hands-on printers to our very own graphics arts company CEO. They are experienced in delivering technical support, on every phase of the process. Whether you are just starting the planning of a new CtP system or your pressroom has a question that needs an answer NOW. This is the team you’ll want to call.

Over the past 15 years, this team has resolved almost 95% of all customer issues and technical questions via the phone in less than one business day. Our goal is 30 minutes or less.

Quality Value Performance

Huge Savings are Paramount "Every minute the presses aren't producing salable copies is money lost. COBRA® plates enable the presses to get up to color quickly and accurately. We gain huge savings in press time. Makereadies are shorter. Color is more predictable. I would estimate that plate remakes have decreased by 25 percent. That means less wasted metal and less downtime on the presses."

- Kirk Olson, Operations Manager