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Revenue Enhancement

With media and retail companies impacted from the institution of the Internet, changing economic conditions, and outsourcing of labor globally, many business leaders are changing their strategy to align with the future. Well thought out integrated print, media, online, mobile campaign strategies are producing superior revenue streams. Southern Lithoplate is pleased to expand our Strategic Alliance platform to include leaders in our industry that will help you empower your sales force.

SLP Strategic Alliance Releases White Paper to Help Newspapers Generate New Revenues by Being an Indispensible Part of People’s Lives

The lively and informative white paper, written in collaboration between Strategic Alliance partners Creative Circle Media Solutions, MWStange, LLC, Virtanza™ Sales Education and Job Placement, and Southern Lithoplate (SLP), is a distillation of the authors’ many years of experience advising newspapers on breaking through barriers to growth.

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Southern Lithoplate Revenue Generation Partners


Virtanza™ Sales Training and Certification is a modern approach to revenue and client growth with a proven track record of success across markets of all sizes.

Creative Circle
Creative Circle has a 30-year history as a leading print-oriented consulting, design and training firm. Our programs to rethink print products continue to drive readership, circulation and revenue growth.

MW Strange, LLC
Mark Stange is an experienced newspaper advertising executive with special skills in local business development and classified verticals. Available for: Business Development brainstorming, special projects, vendor relations, initiative development and management.
Quality Value Performance Improved Quality and Reduced Cost "We are happy with the cost savings and improved quality with the conversion to CtP. This will be a benefit for our advertisers and commercial print customers as well as the newspaper."

- Larry Bixler, Plant Manager