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SLP Solutions

SLP Solutions

A Menu of Prepress and Press Services and Support for Newspapers

Southern Lithoplate, one of the most trusted partners to the newspaper industry, has established a comprehensive set of Services and Support specifically for newspaper groups, independent newspaper publishers and related printing operations. SLP Solutions can provide turnkey, one-stop service and support for all your prepress and press service and support needs:

For processors & CtP lines [ECRM, CRON-ECRM & Screen branded equipment]

Planned visit – all inclusive of CtP line and processor equipment

  • All major components lubed & calibrated
  • 1-2 visits per year to prevent problems before occurrence
  • Pre-planning allows budgetary planning
  • Recommendation of needed items to prevent downtime
  • Factory trained certified technicians
  • Service technicians are nationwide
  • Able to support pre-press through pressroom
  • 24/7 telephone support available
  • A supply of standard press replacement parts
  • Custom engineered parts
  • Nylon surface ink train rollers (new & Exchange)
  • Repair or rebuild folders and press printing units on site
  • Electrical service on press drives and controllers
  • Complete in-house rebuilding of single width printing units and folders
  • Printing Press equipment updates
  • Equipment inspection, problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Factory trained certified technicians
  • Service technicians are nationwide
  • Support available for upgrades and new installs
  • 24/7 telephone support available
  • Remote login support available
  • Factory trained certified technicians on ECRM and Screen product lines
  • Service technicians are nationwide
  • Full service and parts packages available
  • 24/7 telephone support available

ONE CALL ̶ 1-800-638-7990.

Your production crew needs only one number. One call. One company. No scrambling to know find out who to call when you face downtime. No new protocol or conditions to meet to get service or parts. SLP knows the newspaper production business. We know prepress and the pressroom inside and out. We know how to deliver customer service to customers.


Our certified technicians are strategically located within 2 hours of each of your facilities so they can respond to your on-site needs faster than most of your suppliers return your phone calls. Add to that our 24/7/365 service and you'll find SLP Solutions your best partner to help you reach your productivity goals and maintain your output toward greater margins, fewer breakdowns and more peace of mind.


Southern Lithoplate supplies the highest quality printing and prepress support solutions to more than 1,200 printers across North America and around the world. SLP Solutions has a singular focus: to keep your print and prepress operation generating consistent, quality product... that in turn, helps your newspaper generate profits.


SLP knows the newspaper production business. We know prepress and the pressroom inside and out. And we understand what it takes to keep production humming, how to keep costs low. and we have been delivering that know-how and customer service for 40+ years to newspapers like yours.
24x7x365 Service
Quality Value Performance

Southern Lithoplate

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SLP Solutions

Contact us at Southern Lithoplate today to learn more about our SLP Solutions menu of services or to obtain pricing.


Quality Value Performance

Reduced Ink Costs "Southern Lithoplate's Ink Reduction Solution has delivered savings as promised. Depending on the volume the minimum savings has been 20 percent."

- Jim Lillagore, Regional Production Director